Aadhaar Card Detail

The Aadhaar number can be used while opening a bank account, applying for passport, booking e-tickets and many other places where there is a need to give your identity. Aadhaar number will be your identity which will provide you with the simplest way of describing who you are?Aadhaar is meant for individuals of any age (including children) for the purpose of establishing identities. Since Aadhaar is for only individuals, it is different for all the members of a family.Aadhaar is a unique Identification number issued by UIDAI to individuals for the purpose of establishing unique identification of every single person. Aadhaar is actually a 12-digit number and not a card which is unique for every individual who enroll or apply to get his/her Aadhaar number. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is the regulatory body for this.

Aadhaar card detail

You can go to any authorised enrolment centre/camp nearby you or to any other authorised centre anywhere in India to get yourself enrolled. These centres are also called as the enrolment agencies for empanelment by UIDAI. According to the official reports there are 174 enrolment agencies all over India as on 01.05.2012.

How to change updates

The procedure for making correction is very simple and can be done both online and offline. Following simple steps you can update your wrong Aadhaar details through our website. Also, you can send request through post to make changes and correction in your details. You can update your details a maximum of 4 times till March 2014.

E-aadhaar letter

After a long wait of time, UIDAI has finally been able to launch its e-Aadhaar portal through which people who have enrolled for Aadhaar and have been waiting for their Aadhaar letter can easily download their Aadhaar letter online and use it anywhere by just taking a printout of the same. To download the Aadhaar letter, it is necessary to have both your enrolment number and date time of your enrolment. The complete procedure for downloading your Aadhaar letter or Aadhar card online is pointed below

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